SQL Mobile App Reviews

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I should've known from the lack of description and images in the app store that if they were going to spend enough time to promote the product, they weren't going to spend enough time to develop it either. For starters, you can only run it in portrait mode so if you're trying to use this on an iPad with a keyboard it won't work. The interface prompts you for a server name, a SQL server username, and the SQL Server password. If you use Windows authentication you're out of luck. I couldn't see any option to save the connection string so presumably I'll have to reenter it every time I use the application. I tried to connect to my database and run a simple query that works fine on other iPad SQL tools, but in this one I got a cryptic error and nothing else. And it's completely unintuitive. To get back to my original query I had to tap the Execute button. The interface is sparse to the point of being unintelligible. This app is an absolute piece of... well, you get the idea.

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